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A corporate event takes months of planning, stress and sleepless nights. Don't stress about the coverage.

Make sure you have some awesome images to show prospective attendees, your social media audience, your website and next years brochure. 

I am not just a photographer, I am a representative of your company; promoting the brand through feel good experiences and epic photos.

It is my job to engage guests, make sure they are having a good time and that it shows in your final images.

At the same time, capturing speakers, activities and all the details that go into making a successful event that you can showcase on every platform imaginable.  

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All coverage includes:

  • On-site editing (agenda / weather permitting) so you can display high quality beautiful images on your social media as the action happens. 

  • Private online albums that can be shared with all your attendees and sponsors. 


  • High speed portable lighting, for professional looking portraits and well lit speakers

  • Over enthusiastic photographer to get the crowd going, included as standard.

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